Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson (born July 30, 1991) is an American heavy metal guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and teacher. Known for a highly original, deeply technical style on seven- and eight-string guitars, he began establishing his reputation when he joined All Shall Perish as a high-school student.


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Jason influences were John Petrucci and Alexi Laiho. And all of the other obvious legends like Paul Gilbert, YngwieMalmsteen, Jeff Loomis, Alan Holdsworth, Greg Howe and Jason Becker just to name a few. The very first bands that got him hooked on metal when he was still single digits old were Judas Priest and Metallica. Also wouldn’t have any of his technique without his guitar teacher from back in the day Matt Mills.

The guitars he use are Ernie Ball Musicman. The Majesty is by far his favorite model. All of their guitars are phenomenal but the Majesty in particular is a serious innovation of the instrument.

The strings and tunings Jason use are either Ernie Ball cobalts or m-steels. He typically switch between drop A on a 7 (AEADGBE) and drop G (GDGCFAD). There’s one song on his upcoming album that is an 8-string song and he used drop E for that (EBEADGBE).

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