Learning Guitar Online - What You Need to Understand

When you’re roaming about the Internet you will be sure to come across many different websites preaching that you can learn the guitar free online. Free online guitar lessons seem to be offered everywhere and I think most folks just get overwhelmed with the plethora of stuff that can be consumed.

Youtube is a goldmine in one sense and a massive time waster in another. Think of it this way – your in a classroom with a teacher and suddenly they run a commercial on stationary! It just doesn’t happen  because obviously it takes a certain level of concentration to learn anything. Don’t get me wrong there is valuable content on YouTube but how much time have you got to sift through and make choices ? 

Here are a few important factors to bear in mind:

Be wary of who you’re learning from, it’s easy to pick up bad guitar playing habits. Some of the greatest guitar players in the world are simply not great teachers. You can waste hours of your time developing bad habits from YouTube guitar celebrities or just unqualifed teachers.  Remember this, don’t be  “practicing making mistakes”. 

 There’s only so many hours in a day so use your practice time wisely. We have a practice diary and free manuscript TAB book you can download here. Just keeping a record of what your’e doing daily and this will help keep you focused.

Theres some amazing teaching websites and online instructors but through my observations the students who have an online mentor progress faster.  I offer this service HERE  It basically works like this:  Record yourself playing, upload your video or audio and I will send you a feedback video usually within two working days. You don’t need expensive equipment or a special set-up! Just use your phone, tablet or computer. I will watch your video and will make my own personalised video for you, including suggestions as to how you might improve your playing.

Learning the online guitar Lessons is never ending pursuit, ask anyone who loves playing guitar. You can find hours of enjoyment but its easy to compare yourself to others and let the ego interfere with your aspirations. Robben Ford once said something along the lines of  this “It was when I truly stopped thinking about what others thought of my playing that I made the most progress” 

 Enjoy the ride not the past and future tense.