Right Hand Posture | Strumming – Picking Copy

Holding The Pick

Hold the guitar pick between your index finger and thumb with just the right amount of tension so you don’t drop it.

  1. Place the plectrum on the second crease of the index finger with the pointy end aiming away from hand
  2. Let the thumb drop naturally and grip.
  3. The pick will be on a right angle sitting snug under the thumb.

If you are doing a lot of strumming, try a thinner more flexible pick as these won’t be forced out of your hand. Medium and heavy sized picks are more suited to lead playing or more intricate picking. I use a variety of sizes and thicknesses depending on what I’m playing. Strumming with a thin pick gives a lighter feel when at- tacking the strings and the sound is less aggressive. I would suggest starting with a thin pick for rhythm playing. As you evolve as a guitarist you will find a pick that suits your playing style.

TIP: Carry a pick on you and practice holding it away from the guitar