Lesson 4 | CAGED Chord – CAGED Scale

Every CAGED major chord has a corresponding scale pattern which is moveable as well. This really helped me get a real grip on the fretboard as I can visualise the chord shape and the major scale that goes with it.

It’s true you have to walk before you can run and there is an element of woodshedding involved in the following 5 patterns you are about to learn.

Woodshedding is part of learning any instrument, however we are going to use our time wisely when we practice. Like many other guitarists I’m sure, I find playing scales up and down quite boring and for that reason there is backing track included with each lesson.

This will help you

  • start tuning your ears into the chord asap
  • play the patterns in time with a solid beat behind you.
  •  improvise using the patterns and let your ear make judgements.

Even though there is only one chord C being played on this backing track but will be adding more chords as we progress. The objective is to gain confidence and tune your ear into the scale pattern while playing it against the chord.

Think of it this way, the major scale moves in steps or intervals which are merely colours. The backing track is your canvas to play with.


  • Find a quite place free of distractions
  • work in short intervals and stay focused
  • use the 30/30 timer app and practice timetable to monitor your progress