Getting Started with Your GuitarVision Session

Step 1: Setting Up Your Recording Space



Use your smartphone or webcam for recording.

  • Ensure the camera is stable; a tripod or stable surface works best.
  • Position the camera to capture both your hands and the guitar.



  • Choose a well-lit area. Natural light is ideal; if not, use lamps to brighten the space.
  • Avoid harsh shadows on your face and hands.

Step 2: Ensuring Clear Audio

Room Selection:


  • Choose a quiet room to minimize background noise.
  • Close windows and doors to reduce external sounds.

Microphone Setup:

  • If using a smartphone, ensure the microphone is not covered.
  • External microphones can improve audio quality if available.

Step 3: Positioning Yourself for Optimal Recording

Guitar Placement:


  • Set up your guitar comfortably.
  • Ensure the fretboard and your hands are visible.



  • Sit in a relaxed but upright position.
  • Avoid slouching to maintain a clear view of your playing.

Step 4: Recording Your Session

Camera Angle:


  • Double-check that both hands are clearly visible in the frame.
  • Angle the camera to capture a full view of your guitar.


Playing Technique:


  • Play the piece you want feedback on.
  • Don’t worry about mistakes; this is about improvement.

Step 5: Uploading to Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Account:


  • If you don’t have one, create a YouTube account.
  • Upload your video as ‘Private’ to maintain privacy.

Naming and Dating Videos:


  • Give your video a clear title indicating the piece and date.
  • This helps in tracking your progress over time.

Advantages of Using YouTube for Your GuitarVision Session:


Accessible Anytime:


  • View your video feedback anytime, anywhere.
  • Document Your Progress:
  • Easily compare your first session to your latest recordings.

Private and Secure:


  • Keep your videos private for your eyes and your instructor’s only. 
  • Its possible to create a PRIVATE link that only I can see




YouTube’s interface makes navigation and management simple.


Review Your Video:


Before submitting, review your video to ensure clarity.


Submit Your Video:


  • Share the private link via the provided submission method – 
  • MAKE SURE YOU ADD MY EMAIL ADDRESS – This way only I can see it 


Thank You for Choosing GuitarVision!


Review Your Video:


I will review your video and prepare my own video and comments via email

Any questions – just email me here 


Thank You for Choosing GuitarVision!